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Retiring to El Triunfo, Guatemala (Letter from Cecilia Campoverde)

Dear friends: 

After almost twenty years of working at Florida Atlantic University, I have retired and I have begun a new career:  working full time for the Guatemalan Project. I am looking forward to this new stage in my life, and, I know, that with your continued help, I will enjoy this new stage as much as I enjoyed my past one. I am looking forward to it. First of all, on June 3rd I will be traveling to El Triunfo, Guatemala.  For the next two years, I plan to travel back and forth often, approximately, every four months.  After that, I plan to live permanently in El Triunfo, Guatemala. I will build a very rustic and humble house where all of you will be most welcome.In order to continue our work with the Guatemalan project, I will be communicating constantly with you.  However, because I do not have internet services in El Triunfo, I will have to travel to the nearest city of Gualan to use the internet.  Please, note the following:

  1. I have allocated Wednesdays for my traveling to Gualan to use the internet.  That means that, only on Wednesday I will be able to read, to answer, and to send you emails.
  2. Only on Wednesdays, I will be able to make and receive phone calls utilizing my regular number 561-968-4310.  I am using the VONAGE system which utilizes the web to make calls from anywhere in the world at regular local USA rates.  I will be available from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm EST
  3. Of course, in case of emergency you can always call me at 011-502-5-514-5327 or at 011-502-4-089-4697; however, calls to these two numbers are charged at regular international rates.

In reference to your monetary donations, please note the following:

  1. Kindly, continue to make your checks to: Guatemalan Project.
  2. Continue to write the purpose of your donation on the subject line, i.e. general, hammocks, school, or the name of your sponsored child or family, etc.
  3. On the back of the check, you need to write:  FOR DEPOSIT ONLY IN ACCOUNT # 1525063.
  4. You need to send your check directly to National Bank, 6400 Hypoluxo Rd., Lantana, FL 33463
  5. Please send an email to informing me of your deposit. As soon as your check clears, I will inform you of it
  6. For those of you who send wire transfers, please note the bank’s routing number: 26708-7358-260000.

In reference to my address in Guatemala, here it is: Cecilia Campoverde El Triunfo, GualanZacapa, Guatemala.  I hope that you will be able to visit us in El Triunfo and see what the results of your efforts and generosity.  I have placed a Visitor's Manual which I developed for my students who go to El Triunfo on their Study Abroad Program.  In it, I give detailed instructions as to how to get to El Triunfo, including airline traveling, bus traveling, key addresses, taxi fees, costs, etc.  It is a real adventure; I am sure that you will enjoy it.  Visit our web page at and click on the Menu item Visiting El Triunfo or go directly to this link 

Note to the Special Ambassadors of the Guatemalan Project:  this is the group which has committed to raffle at least one hammock every four months.  I will be informing you of my traveling dates so that we can meet at Florida Atlantic University where you will be able to pick up your brand new beautiful hammock.  To know more about this program, please go directly to this link.

Again, I thank you so much for all that you do.  Please, let’s continue to work on this wonderful project that truly has changed for the better the lives of many people. 

From deep in my heart, I send you a warm hug.

Cecilia Campoverde,
Director of the Guatemalan Project